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Improving Everyday Life With Plants


Planting a Sustainable Future

Our mission is to redefine the connection between humans and plants through our revolutionary Bio-Tech solutions. At Florosense, we believe in making plant care a truly enchanting experience. Our cutting-edge products, including Floros Universal, Floros Wall Controller, and the Floros Planter, seamlessly merge technology with nature. Join us on a journey where innovation meets greenery, transforming ordinary plant care into a magical and interactive adventure.

Common Questions

  • The Smart Plant Touch Sensor uses advanced touch-sensitive technology. When you gently touch your plant, the sensor detects the interaction and triggers various reactions, such as turning on lights and controlling connected devices.

  • Yes, absolutely! Floros Universal is designed to attach easily to the side of any plant, making it a versatile and non-invasive addition to your greenery, regardless of the plant type.

  • Not at all. Our products are designed for easy installation. Simply attach the Smart Plant Touch Sensor to the side of your plant, and you're ready to go. The Wall mounted version is also user-friendly and can be easily mounted inot any existing wall switch socket.

  • Floros is compatible with various devices, including lights, fans, and other smart gadgets using Matter and other smart home systems. Its versatility allows you to create a customized and interactive environment for your plants.

  • While the Universal version attaches to the side of any potted plant and controls lights etc wirelessly, the wall-mounted version replaces existing (boring) light switches. The Wall Controller is designed for wall-mounted convenience and provides control over AC circuits. It allows you to connect and manage a broader range of devices for an enhanced smart garden experience.

  • Currently Floros is designed for indoor use. However, an outdoor-capable version is in the works!

  • Yes, both Floros Universal and the Wall Controller are designed to integrate seamlessly with popular smart home systems. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your plant environment through your preferred smart home platform.

  • Not at all. The Smart Plant Wall Controller comes with easy-to-follow instructions for hassle-free installation. Mounting hardware is included, making the process straightforward for a seamless wall-mounted experience.

  • Floros Planter is our portable battery-powered version, designed for on-the-go plant enthusiasts. With Floros, you can enjoy the same touch-activated magic and device control without the need for a power outlet. Take it anywhere and let your plants thrive with ease

  • Floros is equipped with a long-lasting battery to provide continuous functionality. The battery life depends on usage but is optimized for extended periods of up to 2 months at a time.

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